Poker Heads Up Strategy – How To Succeed In Heads Up Poker

It has been said that with the right and proper poker heads up strategy anyone can succeed in this particular type of game. The strategy or technique a player should use mainly depends on the playing style, strategy, and tendency of one´s opponent. In fact, the most professional and beneficial techniques are the ones that are most uncomfortable for an opponent. Playing aggressive on flop, turn, and river can be a huge weapon against a player who is very likely to fold against many bets on the following and coming streets. Here are 3 tips to heads up poker success.

Tip 1) You have to learn to estimate your opponent pre flop, on the flop, on the turn and on the river. If you never learn to estimate your opponent, concentrate on his or her betting patterns, and try to get a feeling for his style you will have a negative ROI. It is impossible to estimate an opponent that you have never played against, but it is possible to estimate his or her style by observing how he or she plays several hands in a row Malaysia esports betting and odds. Make sure to get proper poker manager tools so that you will have it easier to review hands in online poker.

Tip 2) Focus on exploiting the weaknesses and strengths of your opponent. If you know based on previous turn bets that your opponent is likely to fold with a mediocre hand because he thinks that you will mostly only bet hands that beat him, you have to bet around 70 – 80% of the time. It´s not smart to bet to 100% of the time, because if you do that your opponent will very likely figure out that you are bluffing oftener than you represent a real hand. Betting around the 70 – 80% mark is a great poker heads up strategy.

Tip 3) Vary your game as often as possible against tricky and smart players. If you are certain that your opponent will not figure out how you play a particular hand, will fold most of his hands because of uncertainty, you should keep betting and firing as often as possible. However, it is different if you play against skilled and professional players. Here it is necessary to adjust and adopt your game at every point. This poker heads up strategy will help you to take control over the situation.

You have to develop a poker heads up strategy that will allow you to have a visible edge at every spot of the game, and put your opponent under pressure so that he or she will likely make a fatal mistake.

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